#4 Love Letter

From the first time I met you, I never knew that you would mean this much to me. I know that I am annoying, sarcastic, and stubborn and yet, you are sill with me. I do not know what are your reasons for never letting me go. I am not the typical kind of girlfriend that you could ever imagine but still, you stick with me.

You are my friend, worst enemy, brother, secret keeper, shock absorbed, my almost everything. You are more than I could wish for, I am really, really lucky to have you. You are savior.

Thank you, to your family and to your friends, for making me feel that I belong. You are always proud of me. You never kept me a secret and form the moment that we had a special kind of relationship, you never denied it.

I am forever thankful to this world forgiving me this once in a lifetime have to have a guy like you, a dream come true.


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